Basic Promotions Inc. is dedicated to conceptualizing and producing quality and cost-effective confections that exceed safety protocols while delivering superior and tailored customer service to retailers around the world. Our candy comprises of giftable, seasonal, and everyday items that add sweetness to any occasion. 

Who we are 

Basic Promotions Inc. has been importing from around the world since 1996.  We specialize in all types of candy and cookies in a variety of packaging from mass market to giftable. While our focus is on food, our expertise includes hard goods as well-ceramics, jars, toys and plastics. 

What we do

We maintain a full staff overseas and in the USA to accomplish our customers’ goals.

  • Source and manage raw material
  • Develop unique and fresh designs, packaging and production
  • Leading testing solutions to preserve the highest quality products
  • Freight logistics

Who we serve 

 We service companies both large and small. You will find our products under our customers’ names in almost every retailer in the U.S- from Walmart to dollar stores, from smaller upscale chains to catalogs.  

Contact Us

We are here to answer any questions you may have.


OFFICE PHONE: (410) 559-6580